How to Keep Your Dog Smelling Fresh

Our furry friends are the best! They brighten our lives and keep us company. But even the most well-loved pups can get a fur-ocious odor that makes them smell really ruff. Read on to discover the answer to how to make my dog smell better.

By GotDog

Dogs love to be stinky - it's in their nature! Before dogs were domesticated, rolling in something terrible smelling was a survival mechanism to mask their scent. And unfortunately for us, old habits are hard to break!


It can be a real battle to figure out how to make your dog stop smelling terrible. Between BO and bad breath, the stench can be staggering. Even if your dog is a breed with hair instead of fur and you are taking them to the groomer regularly for trims, regular maintenance between visits is still needed to keep your pup smelling its best.

Whether it's an emergency brought on by a skunk spray or just general funkiness, grooming is an absolute must for how to keep your dog smelling fresh.


Brushing your four-legged friend should be part of your daily pet care routine. It removes excess hair, dander and general dirt and debris. If your dog has a double coat, make sure to use the right tools to brush both. It's a nice way to bond and can be very relaxing for both of you.

Bath Time

An essential weapon for how to make your dog stop smelling rank is a good old-fashioned bath. A fresh-smelling dog is definitely paw-sible with some quality spa time. Definitely don't reserve bathtime for special occasions.

8 Tips for Bathing Your Dog

  1. Gather everything you need ahead of time. You don't want to leave your dog unattended for safety reasons and to avoid a wet dog romping around the house.
  2. A hand-held showerhead is best, but if you don't have one, use a large cup to wet and rinse the fur.
  3. Use a non-slip mat or place a towel in the tub to prevent injuries.
  4. Gentle dog shampoos clean without stripping the fur and skin of essential oils.
  5. Avoid water in the ears - small pieces of cotton can help keep them dry.
  6. Rinse well - shampoo residue can be irritating and the fur will be more likely to attract dirt if not rinsed properly.
  7. Dry with lots of fluffy towels, then a hairdryer. Be sure not to blow air into their sensitive ears.
  8. Spritz with your fav-fur-ite dog cologne. Whether it's White Dalmations or Pucci, the right dog freshener spray adds a dimension of freshness that lasts long past bath day.

Other than making your dog smell better, baths offer these additional benefits:

  • Soft, shiny coat
  • Less shedding
  • Reduces allergens

While bathing is essential, make sure not to overdo it because the skin and fur can get dried out.

Dental Care

Pungent dog breath can almost knock you out. Imagine if you didn't brush your teeth for years how bad it would smell! So it's no surprise that knowing how to keep your dog smelling fresh includes good oral hygiene. Including toothbrushing in your routine can dramatically affect the quality of the breath. Most dogs will initially put up a fight but will eventually get used to having their teeth brushed. Regular examinations by a veterinarian are critical to making sure that there are no serious issues causing their stinky breath. Dental chews and breath freshening sprays can help too.

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Don't Forget the Bedding

Once you have Rover fresh and clean, don't forget to launder all his beds, blankets and pillows. Regularly washing your pet's bedding kills germs and odor-causing bacteria and is very helpful when learning how to make your dog stop smelling. As a good rule of thumb, wash the bedding every time you give your pooch a bath so they don't pick up odors from the musty material.

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