Dog groomers, breeders and dog owners have all purchased our fragrances to eliminate that bad dog smell. It's a good spray to keep on hand, so pups smell fresh and presentable at all times.

If you're wondering how to deodorize a smelly dog, the solution is simple. Spritz your pet at the base of their tail or behind their ears using one of our dog deodorant varieties. Another option is to spray the dog deodorizer on your hands and rub it through your dog's coat during grooming. You can also place a little on the back of your pet's legs, neck or back.

We cater to pooches of both sexes, so whether you're looking for a feminine scent or something more studly, you're sure to find a dog grooming spray that works for your pet.

We have a wide selection of scents that cover the gamut from flowery to sporty and everything in between. Check out the product description of each dog body spray to get an idea of what that fragrance emulates.

You can apply dog perfume spray directly onto your pet, but some humans prefer to spray it on their hands and then rub or brush the cologne through their pet's coat during grooming.

It's best to spray dog cologne where bad smells tend to accumulate – such as behind your pup's ears, on their legs and at the base of their tail.

It's really a matter of personal taste – yours and your dog's. Our pet fragrances come in various scents to appeal to just about anyone. The product description will give you an idea of what that particular dog cologne smells like, but you may want to try a couple to see which scent the two of you prefer.

Our perfume for dogs is formulated to provide a safe solution for dog odors. However, it's always a good idea to test a small area of your dog to ensure they don't have an adverse reaction before using dog perfume spray on their whole body. Always avoid spraying dog deodorant on sensitive areas like the face, belly or inner ears. If your pet has had skin problems in the past, you may want to steer clear of pet fragrances – check with your vet if you're unsure.

If you're heading out the door and realize your pooch has picked up a nasty odor, you obviously don't have time to give them a bath. That's when our cologne for dogs comes to the rescue. Our dog deodorizing sprays and cologne work their magic until you have an opportunity to give your four-legged BFF a full bath.

To eradicate odors in your pet's bed, spray it lightly with one of our doggie deodorant spray products.

If you look online, you are sure to find a lot of ideas on how to make dog grooming spray. There are some good options, but you need to proceed with caution when making DIY dog grooming spray. Potential problems with homemade dog grooming spray include: ingredients that irritate the skin, Do-it-yourself spray may dry out the coat and cause matting, and may not have the staying power you need. GotDog grooming spray for dogs safely combats lingering smells and contains special conditioners for a soft, shiny coat.  And, let's face it, you have better things to do than fuss with a dog deodorizer spray – DIY projects can be so time-consuming.

Dog grooming finishing spray is a spray used to freshen a dog's fur. It can be applied as an extra layer of fragrance immediately following a bath or to improve your dog's funky odor between grooming sessions. You simply spray it on the animal's coat, avoiding any sensitive areas, and go! No rinsing is required.

Groomers rely on professional dog grooming spray to help their clients smell amazing. You can recreate that same freshness at home by combining Mr. Kennel dog shampoo with one of our designer dupe dog grooming sprays. There are a lot of sensational scents to choose from, so deciding which is the best dog coat spray for your pet may seem hard. Don't worry — our entire line of dog cleaning sprays smells great.