How to Apply Cologne for Dogs

Does your dog sometimes have an unpleasant odor? Most do — and that can be ruff. Even the best dog can smell a little off sometimes. No one wants to deal with a smelly pooch, but luckily, there are options available without having to take your dog to the groomers. One option is applying cologne or dog fragrance spray to help fight the bad odor. In this article, we'll take a look at the advantages of using cologne for dogs, show you how to apply cologne on your pet and offer some tips for using cologne on man's best friend.

By GotDog

Advantages of Using Cologne for Dogs

There are several advantages to applying some cologne or dog deodorizing spray on your pet. Some of the benefits of using cologne for dogs include

  • Eliminating your dog's bad smells. A quick spritz of some pet cologne spray will let you change your dog's scent, making it more pleasant and easier to be around.
  • Saving time and money. By applying cologne or dog fragrance spray, you can increase the time between baths for your dog. That will save you money on dog grooming products, and if you groom them yourself, you'll save time.
  • Giving your dog their own style. If you want your pet to stand out and be unique, adding a fragrance is an essential grooming tip you should try.

How to Properly Apply Cologne for Dogs

It's extremely simple to apply cologne for dogs. The best spots are at the base of the tail and behind the ears, as this is where more bad smells tend to accumulate. Rather than putting perfume on dogs directly, another option is to spray some on your hands or on a brush and then rub or brush it in through the dog's coat while you are grooming them. Also, you can place a little at the base of the neck, on the legs and on the back.

Tips for Using Dog Fragrance Spray

If you are considering using a dog fragrance spray, here are some good tips to keep in mind:

  • Check with your vet. Some animals have skin problems that could be made worse with cologne. For dogs of all kinds, it's best to speak with your vet and get their expert opinion on whether applying cologne may pose a health risk.
  • Make sure the scent agrees with your pooch. Not all fragrances or formulas will agree with every type of dog. Try a little bit on your dog and see if there are any negative reactions before spraying their whole body.
  • Avoid your dog's delicate areas. It's important to remember not to spray cologne or deodorizing spray on your dog's sensitive areas, like their ears or their face. Also avoid their belly because this is an area they will often lick to bathe themselves.

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