Mr. Kennel Pet Odor Eliminator

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No one knows better than Mr. Kennel the importance of a pleasant environment free from nasty pet odors. Mr. Kennel Pet Odor Eliminator stops bad pet smells in their tracks. This highly effective pet odor eliminator spray squelches pungent smells like cat and dog urine, feces and vomit.

Mr. Kennel Pet Odor Eliminator for carpets is a safe and gentle yet powerful formula. It's even safe to use where children are present. Order your Mr. Kennel Pet Odor Eliminator today and take back your sweet-smelling space!

Using Mr. Kennel dog grooming shampoo for fresh fur scents

Pet Odor Eliminator + Dog Cologne = One Good Smelling Pet

Sure, dogs are lovable creatures, but their smell is not one of their endearing traits. We have a solution for that with our line of dog colognes. But when it comes to fighting odors, a dog deodorant spray is just one tool in your arsenal. That's where Mr. Kennel Pet Odor Eliminator comes in.

He may have "kennel" in his name, but that's not the only place where Mr. Kennel is welcome. Use our pet-safe odor eliminator wherever dogs hang out:

  • Groomers
  • Kennels
  • Veterinary Facilities
  • Homes
  • Cars/Vehicles
  • Pet Stores

You'll be happy to know that our kennel odor eliminator is safe on carpets, rugs, drains, and hard surfaces.

Pet-Safe Odor Eliminator

Mr. Kennel Pet Odor Eliminator is a concentrated, non-toxic formula that can be used on these surfaces:

  • Carpets
  • Cages
  • Dog Beds
  • Pet Carriers
  • Indoor Hard Floors
  • Countertops
  • Grooming Workstations
  • Sinks
  • Hydro baths
  • Drains

Frequently Asked Questions About Mr. Kennel Pet Odor Eliminator

Eliminating pet odor is our specialty, and we can help you with pet odor eliminator products that take your pet from "ewww" to "ahhh." We've answered some common questions here, but please contact us if you want to know more.

Is Mr. Kennel Pet Odor Eliminator Safe Around Senior Pets?

Mr. Kennel is a pet-safe odor eliminator with a non-toxic formula that can be used around pets of all ages and breeds.

Can I Use Your Carpet Pet Odor Eliminator Repeatedly?

Whether you're training your puppy or dealing with an incontinent senior dog, you'll be using plenty of carpet pet odor eliminator. Fear not, ours is a pet-friendly odor eliminator that's also kind to carpets and other surfaces, even when it's used over and over.

Is Your Pet Odor Eliminator Concentrated?

Mr. Kennel Pet Odor Eliminator is a concentrated formula that comes in a one-quart container, so you'll be able to treat plenty of canine and feline mishaps.

Make it Smell Good Again With Mr. Kennel Pet Odor Eliminator

Restore the sweet smell of your surroundings with Mr. Kennel pet odor eliminator. There's no need to put up with a smelly environment when Mr. Kennel is on the job. Our non-toxic formula is safe and effective for you, your pet and everyone on your staff or in your household. You'll love the results you get from using Mr. Kennel. Order yours today!